Pikachu is the most well known Pokemon in the world. it is a pure electric type.

In the series Pikachu is owned by a Pokemon Trainer called Ash Ketchum.

Pikachu has it's habitat in every region. some regions are:

Here Is A Link To Bulbapedia An original very cute Pikachu An even more cuter Pikachu

Pikachu can heal other Pikachu with electricity

Pikachu is very loyal to it's trainer

Nimbasa City

Nimbasa City is a city located in the center of the Unova Region.

Nimbasa has very much fun things in it, here are some of the many things:

Here Is A Link To Bulbapedia Nimbasa city The Nimbasa City's Bolt Badge The Nimbasa City's Gym Leader Elesa

Nimbasa City is the City/Town that has the most lights in Pokemon

In Nimbasa City there is a amusement park and that has not been found in any other City, Town or Region

Here is the Nimbasa City Theme:


Slakoth is a very lazy Pokemon.

It's a Normal Type

Here Is A Link To Bulbapedia A Shiny Slakoth Slakoth's Evolution Vigoroth

Slakoth is a Slacker Pokemon

Slakoth is a 3rd Gen Pokemon

Azalea Town

Azalea Town is located in the Johto region and you can get there in the games:

  1. Pokemon Gold
  2. Pokemon Silver
  3. Pokemon Crystal
  4. Pokemon Heart Gold
  5. Pokemon Soul Silver

West to Azalea is The Ilex Forest

Here Is A Link To Bulbapedia The Azalea Gym Badge The Hive Badge Azalea Town In Pokemon G/S/C (Gold/Silver/Crystal) The Gym Leader Bugsy

Azalea Town is The japanese town Tanabe

Azalea Town is very small for having a Pokemon Gym

Here is the Azalea Town Theme: